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CNC Files for Veronoi Litebox # 2

CNC Files for Veronoi Litebox # 2


I Created 4 new designs in CAD, Sun, Stars, Spider Web and Snow Flakes, Each side of the lamp is unique and can be the front design.

Download has Aspire, Vcarve, DXF files as well as build instructions.

Cut from 1/4" solid Black Walnut and finished in clear laquer.

Diffuser paper is handmade Lotka paper

Photos generated in CAD

Voronoi diagrams were considered as early as 1644 by philosopher René Descartes and are named after the Russian mathematician Georgy Voronoi, who defined and studied the general n-dimensional case in 1908. This type of diagram is created by scattering points at random on a Euclidean plane.

Voronoi diagram patterns are common in nature. From microscopic cells in onion skins, to the shell of jackfruits and the coat of giraffes, these patterns are everywhere

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